Trophy Buck Hunts

A limited number of trophy buck hunts are offered each year. We will harvest 4 trophy bucks during the current season. 

  • Over 95% of our trophy bucks will qualify for the SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals and the Texas Big Game Awards sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
  • Methods of hunting are mainly from permanent blinds, brush blinds, or portable stands. “Rattling” during the rut is very productive and can create exciting and rewarding experiences.
  • Hunts are for 3 days and 3 nights.
  • Included are first-class lodging, ranch-style meals,  and guide service.
  • Non hunting guest will be accommodated for $250.00 per person per day.

3-Day Guided Deer Hunt 120 B&C to 150 B&C gross

A 3-day, 3-night guided hunt, which includes lodging, meals, and transportation while on the ranch.


Limited Trophy Hunts for deer over 150 B&C gross


Management Buck Hunts

  • Those animals lacking the genetic potential we strive for in our white-tailed herd.
  • Perfect for the first time hunter or young hunter.
  • All hunts are guided and the guide will determine if the buck is to be harvested or not.

2-Day Guide’s Choice Deer Hunt up to 120 inch B&C gross

A 2-day fully guided hunt which includes lodging, meals, guide, and transportation while on the ranch.




Doe and Feral Hog Hunts

Call for particulars.


General Information

  • B&C scores are gross scores, not net scores.
  • Your guide will determine the age and give an estimate to the best of his ability on the gross B&C score of any deer to be harvested.

Hunting Guidelines

There are a few simple requirements and rules to observe while you are enjoying your hunting experience on Masser Ranch.

  • Requirements
    • You must have a valid Texas hunting license, and follow all game laws.
    • You will be required to sign any necessary release forms before being allowed to hunt.
    • You will be required to shoot your weapon at our range before being allowed to hunt.
  • Hunting Rules
    • No loaded weapons in camp or in the lodge.
    • No alcohol will be consumed during hunting hours.
    • No shots at running game.
    • No shots over 200 yards.
    • No shots at deer unless your guide approves the deer. Guides decision in the field is final.
    • A wounded animal counts as your kill; if you draw blood it’s your animal.

If you enjoy your hunt, then tipping is customary and appreciated by the guides and staff.

Prices subject to change without notice.